Additional Services

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Mail Forwarding »

We provide scan/email mail forwarding service for $375/yr.

Document Requests »

Need a document pertaining to your business? We can help! Whether you need a Certificate of Good Standing, a Notarial Certificate or an apostille, chances are we can help you obtain it.

Amendments »

Whether you are looking to change the name of your company or list a new manager, we can assist you in this by filing Articles of Amendment.

Domestication »

Looking to transfer your company? We can provide you with the forms and walk you through the process of accomplishing that.

Register as a foreign entity doing business in Wyoming »

We can assist you in obtaining authority for your existing company to do business in Wyoming, Utah or Colorado.

Annual Report filing assistance »

Need a hand figuring out how to file your company’s annual report? We would be glad to help walk you through completing the necessary forms. We can even file the annual report on your behalf!

Dissolutions »

If you find it necessary to dissolve your company, we can assist you in the process of formally dissolving your business.

Name Reservations »

If you have a name picked out for your business, but aren’t quite ready to form the company, we can help you to reserve a name so that you can use it later.

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